Surah Al Fatiha Wazifa To Make Everything Possible

Surah Al Fatiha Wazifa To Make Everything Possible ,” In case you have a hajat/issue which you accept is outstandingly troublesome and is abnormal please scrutinized Surah fatiha as takes after. What ever you wish it will occur in 21 days. Despite the way that you require the organization to transform it will happen. Truly it will change. That is the way by which strong this Wazife is. Have no inquiries in your mind that it wont work.


Time and place must be same reliably.

Your articles of clothing must be same reliably. Keep one plan of pieces of clothing just for the wazifa. Make an effort not to wash them in the midst of the wazifa. Keep them isolate in a secured spot.

In case you think you submitted a mistake in numbering in the midst of the wazifa , Restart the vazifa again from zero on the following Friday.

You ought to be isolated from every other person in the room, can’t banter with anyone even by making a sign. Bolt the passage before so no one can irritate you. Keep mobile phones off in the midst of the wazifa.

If You did whatever else in the midst of the wazifa you should start it afresh.

In the wake of finishing the wazifa get up and leave the room. you may come back to a similar room following 5 minutes. Do whatever it takes not to start examining diverse ayets or wazifas before long.

The aggregate length is 21 days constant.

Ladies can not do this wazifa in the event that they cannot finish 21 days.

Wazifa must be perused after esha salah and at no other time.

What ever you need will happen in 21 days. Regardless of the fact that your hajat/wish is conceded please proceed with 21 days. Your niyet/goal is shukkur/thanks after that. You should finish 21 days.

Salah/Namaz 5 times each day in critical amid this wazifa. Try not to anticipate that Allah will give you what you need while you absolutely defy his requests.

Do the accompanying each night

After Esha salah/namaz on Friday night..(the night before Friday). Perused Darood ibrahimi 14 times then

Do 2 rakat nafal salah/namaz for hajat. Perused any surah in the namaz/salah. After salam read Surah Fatiha with bismillah as mentioned below times. Each time you read Surah Fatiha it must be with full bismillah.

Toward the end of the wazifa, read 14 times Darood Ibrahimi once more.

(the above methodology must be rehashed each night)

Friday 1

Saturday 30

Sunday 8

Monday 40

Tuesday 4

Wednesday 5

Thursday 200

Friday 2

Saturday 70

Sunday 10

Monday 50

Tuesday 20

Wednesday 6

Thursday 60

Friday 400

Saturday 90

Sunday 9

Monday 100

Tuesday 700

Wednesday 1000

Thursday 800

It would be ideal if you take note of that the entire technique of perusing 2 rakat nafal must be rehashed each night.

in the event that you were not ready to complete the wazifa or you committed an error amid the wazifa or were irritated by anything, it just implies that what you ask is not Allahs wish to give you.

This wazifa can’t be utilized to wed anybody.

Your hajat must be an extremely troublesome one. Try not to do this wazifa for trivial or little issues. if it’s not too much trouble use different wazifas if your hajat is a little one.

This wazifa is mixture for askig allah for his maarifet or on the off chance that you need the affection for the Holy Prophet.

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