Jinnat Se Dosti Karne Ka Aasan Amal

Jinnat Se Dosti Karne Ka Aasan Amal ,” Jinn is such a gift made by Allah that you can get done whatever you want. Just by making friendship with him in any way, that’s why today we will tell you the process of attaining Jinnat and the process of controlling Jinnat. This act is also called the act of summoning Jinnat. Jinn Ko Control Mein Karne Ka Amal

Jinnat Se Dosti Karne Ka Amal

Jinnat Se Dosti Karne Ka Aasan AmalThis action is very easy to see. But this action has a lot of effect, whoever starts this action. Once you must do Salah and consultation. The spiritual power of some action is more and some less. The virtue of action is uncountable.

The way it becomes difficult sometimes to make friends with ordinary people. In the same way, there is a little difficulty in making friendship with Jinnat. Peace is easy and high in them. After doing which you will not need any other action. This is such an effective action. If you do it, then you will never need to do another action.

You have to avoid one thing. You have to avoid eating any kind of meat. To start the practice, you have to read Salaam Walekum or Makhluk Gaib 313 times daily. After washing your face in the morning, you have to pray After paying Fajr,

you have to go to the cemetery as soon as the sun rises. Standing at the door of that cemetery, you have to say this in a loud voice. If you want, you have to read it 21 times or 40 times. If you say the same thing 41 times, then attendance will be quick.

Jinnat will appear in the midst of 41 days of execution. And your friendship will be linked to him. You can take your work from him. Whatever your need may be your work. You can take help from him and take your friendship forward.

Jinnat Ko Hazir Karne Ka Amal

We keep hearing this thing in our neighborhood. That such and such a girl comes to visit the boy. They go for the appearance of the jinnat. There is some rule of action.

It should not be done by weak hearted people. This practice is allowed for both men and women. If Jinnat appears, read Atal Kursi. The room should be completely separate to perform it. There should be no third person present.

Never implement yourself because it can cause you a lot of loss. Before implementing, take the things that will be useful in implementation. 3 steps must be prepared for implementation. White clothes have to be written on white paper.

Jinnat Ko Hazir Karne Ka Amal

And when there is a Haji, it has to be tied on the opposite arm of that person. لوحقرانيتعويذلحمعسقكهيعصتنزلكالعزيزالرحيم 4 Incense sticks are to be taken. Take a small bottle of rose. This practice is allowed to everyone, general and special. That person is to be taken to a separate room. The whole room is to be scented with roses.

Light incense sticks and close the doors, keep the windows open. Create a picture. Keep reciting Atal Kursi 7 times till Moobin comes. You have to press on the palm of that person. Jinnat will appear. After the appearance of Jinnat, ask him a question.

Whether he is a Muslim or a non-Muslim, if he is a Muslim, he should swear by Hazrat Sulaiman Raziallah Ta’alaanha that he will not come again and will not trouble him. If he is a non-Muslim, then burn him like a Muslim.

Jinnat Ko Kabu Karne Ka Amal

Nowadays, we want to control some or the other Jinnat and get it in our hands. We want to take hold of it in our hands. We wish to get our works done by him. And to ease the suffering, we have to do the deed to gain Jinnat. Sometimes it happens that we do not know much about the deed.

And we use amal. But can’t get success. And in spite of unsuccessful attempts like this, we get defeated. But now we are present in front of you with the Amalham. By doing this, you will attain Jinnat.

Jinnat Ko Hasil Karne Ka Amal

You will need some things for Amal. Before starting Amal, keep these things with you. Those things are here and we also tell you how to use these things. First of all you have to take a lemon , One has to take a raw clay pot, four dry red chillies, one ₹ 1 coin, 100 grams of black urad dal and two meters of yellow cloth. You will need this stuff during the process.

All you have to do is squeeze a lemon in a handi. Then after that put a coin of one rupee on all the four chilies, then add urad dal. Then blow three times by drawing a picture of Jinnat. Would like to achieve through this practice.

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