Ruqyah Healing

The Ruqya: Introduction

Ruqyah Healing ,” Ruqya is the healing and relief of people who suffer and are stuck for years. Secondly it is a protection of Muslims against shirk and strengthening their faith. Thirdly it is a door Dawa to non-Muslims. Fourth, it is a fight against witches, satanists, witch doctors, seers, and their associates and all forms of shirk until it disappears completely.

 1. The existence of witchcraft

Allaah says: “So every time a dispatcher went to their forerunners they have not said it is a magician, or one had” (Sura 51 verse 52).

Men have constantly known marvels of witchcraft and ownership by the jinn, it is just the current that rejects realism for the sake of science, attempting to clarify everything by mental issues and superstitions.We can just stand amazed at a few imams and researchers preclude the truth from securing these wonders as blessed messengers even taught magic and Allah demonstrates the veracity of the truth of its impact: “And they don’t instruct somebody to say : We are an enticement, don’t turn into a skeptic! They realize what they sow disagreement between the individual and his significant other. Be that as it may, they can not hurt anybody with the exception of by the leave of Allah ” (Sura 2, verse 102). We additionally know how the Prophet, petition and peace be upon him, was entranced and stayed tolerant until Allah Most Top sends blessed messengers let him know that he had been beguiled with hair and hubs put under a stone at the base of a dry all around utilized for the reason. He then needed to send partners look and it is perusing Surahs securing the hubs they are open and the Prophet, petition and peace be upon him, was found. “The wickedness of the individuals who blow in the bunches” is a reality. There are four manifestations of witchcraft and jinn:

Blockages in life: work, cash, marriage, training, rivalries, broken guarantees, misfortune … That’s when blockages are strange and dreary to be methodical we realize that it is witchcraft.

Unusual wellbeing issues: unexplained agony and changeless infection peculiar drug can just portray open wounds, sterility and ineptitude.

Unusual mental states: outrage, peevishness, misery, despondency, absent mindedness, absence of certainty, absence of focus, hear and see things to franticness …

Bad dreams proceeded with, snakes, pooches, cows, formally dressed, covers, water fall or climb or fly, dead or graves, autos or vehicles, fire, fish, spouses or wives of evenings.


 2. The illegal character of witchcraft

Allah ta’ala says: “They gain from them the way to sow friction amongst man and spouse. Be that as it may, they are fit for hurting anybody without the consent of Allah. They realize what hurts them and they are not gainful. What’s more, they know extremely well that he who looks to get this force will have no offer of good in the great beyond. What terrible cost for which they sold their souls ! In the event that they just knew ”

Allah says: { The wizard will fall flat where it } [Qur’an ” Taha “, verse 69]

Al’Imrân ibn Husayn – may Allah be satisfied with him – reported that the Prophet (peace and salvation be upon him) said: ” Not one of us, one that spreads superstition and the individuals who trust, who hone hyper vision and those for whom it is polished, one who rehearses witchcraft and that for which it is drilled, and whoever goes to a light, then inquiries and has confidence in his forecast, has doubted in what was uncovered to Mohammed (peace and salvation be upon him). ” [Reported by Al Bazzarwith a decent chain of transmission.]

From Abu Hurayrah – may Allah be satisfied with him – reported that the Prophet (peace and salvation be upon him) said: ” Whoever goes to a diviner or a light and has confidence in his forecast, has distrusted in what has was uncovered to Muhammad (peace and salvation be upon him). “[Reported by Ahmad, Abu Dawud, At-Tirmidhi, al-Nasaa’i, Ibn Majah and Hakim El]



3. The Ruqya

Ruqya is the mending and alleviation of individuals who languish and are stuck over years.Secondly it is an insurance of Muslims against avoid and fortifying their confidence. Thirdly it is an entryway Dawa to non-Muslims in light of the fact that the Quran likewise cure non-Muslims since sahabas Fatiha recuperated by a tribal boss healer. Fourth, it is a battle against witches, satanists, witch specialists, diviners, and their partners and all types of evade until it vanishes totally. witchcraft is a detestable that influences the body, until that he falls sick or kicks the bucket, and makes conflict between the companions, it is administered to make a move and utilize legitimate method for mending. In reality, Allaah has given a cure for each malady

As indicated by Abu Hurayrah – may Allah be satisfied with him – the Prophet (peace and salvation be upon him) said: ” Allah has not sent down the sickness without bringing down its cure. ”

Muslim described from Jabir – may Allah be satisfied with him – that the Prophet (peace and salvation be upon him) said: ” Every ailment has a cure, if the comparing cure for the sickness is found, the patient will recoup with Allah the Almighty. ” For witchcraft especially the cure is in the Koran as witchcraft and evil words are the expressions of Allah who scratch off.

Allah ta’ala says: “This Qur’an that We uncover to adherents and brings recuperating and benevolence does, truth be told, compound the ruin of the fiendish. “