Pari Ko Hazir Karne Ka Amal

Pari Ko Hazir Karne Ka Amal ,” To call the Pari, execute Neat & cleanly, and do it alone in the room, the third Rakat 3 Pari will appear at 1 o’clock every day. Do the Hisar aayatal kursi, and don’t take any fear. If five Pari are present, then they take the promise, always to help, and they have to be present, these exercises will be read 4 times, they will be present, and yes, Sprinkle the Perfume in the clothes. Pari Ko Bulane Ka Asan Mantra.

First read the Raktak 300, the second Raktak 300, and the third time read 500 times.

Wazifa azimat to execute the angel is: –

(Aslam walekum, shanti ahar kathin, haram kathin yavsaan as yutni hayya ahfaan haay juvyal)


Do it without permission, no work is successful without permission, but if damage can happen, you can also call for permission. People of all faiths can do this practice. Every religious person, Hindu brother or Muslim brother, can do this. Not only girls but boys can also do this. Execution is something like this.

The Wazifa of a pari – this is the amal :-

  1. Take a bath and neat & clean.
  2. If necessary, take a bath after 9:30 pm and read this work.
  3. Burn aromatic incense sticks or frankincense before reading.
  4. 1 time 313
  5. 2 times 313
  6. 3 and last time is to read this work 313 times.
  7. The last 3 commodities will be present and this work is successful.
  8. Do not execute without Permission.
  9. If you don’t take permission, You will not succeed, and you may be in trouble.

Wazifa’s execution of the mermaid to achieve the fairy: –

This is a big and special practice. Jalpari is the queen of the sea, who is the attendant of the mermaid. All the jewels, free, gem, diamonds are present with them. If you are successful, then this pariah will happily give it to you. You can use it in halal place. I saw the first such act in my entire life. Due to which the client Paria gives financial support. But keep in mind that these people want to get married as a condition. You argue this condition and ask for some more condition, because Parijat is a loss for the world.

40-day implementation. At the end of the day, a mermaid will appear in front of the water. Just take the promise from him. Do the greed that will do the work and get financial help along with you.

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Pari Ko Bulane Ka Amal

Everyone desires to meet Pari and have their aspirations come true. Due to this, we will explain to you today how to obtain an angel and develop a friendship with one. Additionally, we will explain how to manipulate the angel.

Pari Ko Bulane Ka Amal

Friends, you must have read or heard stories about fairies when you were young. Many individuals have questions about fairies, including some who dispute if they actually exist. We will provide you with all of the information about Pari today, clearing up any questions you may have in the process.

In addition to this, we will also explain how to summon an angel so that you can do so. It is crucial to have spirituality inside of you in order to summon an angel. You should also have faith in fairies in addition to this.

If you continue to practise contacting the fairies while holding the belief that they don’t exist, you will never be successful. Let’s see how to contact the angel:

  • For the act of calling the angel, first of all wear clean Pak clothes and make Wudu. Now take a vessel and write ‘Ya Azar’ in black ink inside it. After this, fill completely clean water inside the vessel. Now you have to recite Durood-e-Pak 11 times for the act of calling the angel. After this say 33 times or Azar.

After this, you must immerse yourself in water to invoke the angel. Keep asking Allah Ta’ala in your heart for the ability to call the angel. You will soon notice that a person with a broom in his hand is visible in the water.

Request that he give it a thorough cleaning and add a few drops of scent to the water. The angel will show up in front of you after the calling process.

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