Jinn Ko Control Mein Karne Ka Amal

Jinn Ko Control Mein Karne Ka Amal

Jinn Ko Control Mein Karne Ka Amal ,” Allah Tallah created jinnat from smoke are capable of performing all humanly impossible tasks, now we are going to explain how to call and befriend jinns. You must also read our wazifa to drive away jinn if, for any reason, you are plagued by them. Read More – Pari Ko Hasil Karne Ka Amal

Qurani Amal to Control Jinn

Jinn is a Muslim spirit and possess numerous spiritual abilities above and beyond those of humans. Islam holds that these people, whose wishes are not granted, eventually turn into jinn after wandering for countless ages.

Jinn come in two varieties—male and female—and are divided into numerous kinds according to their sorts and powers. The following methods should be tried in order to manage them: –

  • In any case, if a jinnat has taken possession of a woman, she will not be able to expel the jinn from her body because the jinn has gained control of both her body and mind and is now completely in charge of it. will be kept in check.
  • She must be experiencing everything, and she won’t be able to escape it. She will carry out every task as directed by this genie. She won’t even recognise her own people during this.
  • Take the name of Allah-Tala and create a security circle around the woman with a knife in order to control this jinn. In advance, place a holy water order with a nearby mosque.
  • Recite Surat-al-Hashiri 100 times when seated in front of a woman. Blow alternately on the woman’s forehead and the holy water brought from the mosque after each recitation.
  • Sprinkle the woman with the mosque’s holy water when the prayer is over. Remember that the woman should be seated inside that security circle during this entire process.
  • That jinnat will be compelled to depart the woman’s body as soon as this holy water touches the ground. You will be able to manage an obstinate Jinnat in this manner.

Jinn Se Dosti Karne Ka Amal

The existence of jinn may be denied by today’s modern culture. But in reality, he can make anyone do anything by keeping them under his influence. Actually, they are very harmful. In accordance with Muslim doctrine, only few jinn exhibit benevolent behaviour; the majority of them cause harm to people. In order to control jinn, many wazaifs and duas have been described in Islam. If recited with a pure heart, these wazaifs and duas can control these jinn. Learn about:

Jinn Se Dosti Karne Ka Amal


  • Getting along with Jinnat is not that simple. This procedure takes six to seven hours. But it’s also true that if you can make a genie your buddy, the genie will help you become wealthy.
  • You will need a white sheet, white flowers, a white outfit, and perfume to carry out this ceremony. First of all, on Friday night at 12 o’clock, dress in white and sit on a white sheet. Now surround yourself with a circle of white flowers. Raise both hands while seated in this circle and repeat the following prayer 100 times:- “O good-hearted Jinnat, if you are listening to me, then make me feel your presence by coming in this circle made by me.”
  • You continued repeating this dua while intermittently diffusing fragrant perfume all around you. The kind-hearted jinn will enter the circle you have formed thanks to the scent of perfume and the impact of your prayers.
  • Tell this genie your wish, and it will be granted. It will use its powers to grant all of your wishes.

Qurani Amal to Call Jinnat

The passages of the Holy Quran provide conclusive evidence that jinn exist. It is nothing short of a sign of weakness in one’s faith to seek solace in magic, soothsayers, and fortune tellers.

The western world has turned away from it as a result of their advancement and success in the material world, but Muslims in India and Pakistan continue to believe in it even after acquiring knowledge.

And this conviction serves as evidence for the existence of jinn. There are numerous rites and prayers used to summon the Jinn, some of which are listed below:-

Jinn Ko Bulane Ka Amal


  • The jinn, angels, and mankind were all created by Allah, according to the Qur’an. In 13 of the 23 nations where the question was posed, more than half of Muslims hold a belief in jinn, indicating that this supernatural belief is relatively popular. When you are in need, recite this dua 21 times to summon Jinnat’s assistance:
  • Abdullahi Rahim, Wazurekarin, Waketullah Waseem Akhtiyar Namaz Nabbedina Allahu Rahim.
  • The jinn are delighted with you for reciting this wazifa and will respond to your appeal for help. Remember that every step of this procedure needs to be completed with great care. Lest a bad jinn answer your call, of course. Such jinn are quite tenacious and do not easily give up on you.
  • If you honestly ask Jinnat for assistance after reciting Quran Pak on a Friday night while sitting outside, the compassionate Jinnat will undoubtedly assist you.
  • Such jinn are exceedingly obedient to their owners’ commands and exhibit amicable behaviour. The good news is that you can request for them to go back to their world at any time.


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