Pari Ko Hasil Karne Ka Amal

Pari Ko Hasil Karne Ka Amal ,” Everyone wants to meet Pari and fulfill their wishes. That’s why today we will tell you the process of getting the angel and the easy process of friendship with the angel. We will also tell you the process to control the angel

Pari Ko Bulane Ka Amal

Friends, you must have heard about fairies in books and stories in your childhood. Some people wonder whether fairies really exist and there are many questions related to fairies in the minds of people. Today we will give all the information about Pari, after knowing which all the doubts in your mind will be removed.

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Along with this, we will also tell you the process of calling an angel, with the help of which you can call an angel. To call an angel, it is very important to have spirituality inside you. Apart from this, you should also have faith in fairies.

If you think that fairies don’t exist, after this you will use the practice of calling the fairies, then you will never get success. Let’s know the process of calling the angel –

  • For the act of calling the angel, first of all wear clean Paak clothes and make Wudu. Now take a vessel and write ”Yaa Azar” in black ink inside it. After this, fill completely clean water inside the vessel. Now you have to recite Durood-e-Pak 11 times for the act of calling the angel. After this say 33 times or Azar.

For the act of calling the angel, after this you have to drown yourself in water. Keep on praying in your heart to Allah Ta’ala for the practice of calling the angel. In a short while you will see that a person is seen in the water, who has a broom in his hand.

Ask him to clean it properly and put a few drops of perfume in the water. After the process of calling the angel, the angel will appear in front of you.

Pari Se Dosti Karne Ka Aasan Amal

Some people think that what will be the benefit to them by befriending an angel. For your information, let us tell you that very lucky people get friendship with an angel. After being friends with Pari, you will never be able to do any wrong thing in your life.

If you are going on a wrong path, then the angel will alert you before that. Apart from this, whenever you are in a situation of crisis or any disaster comes upon you, that angel will show you the right path. You can ask the angel the way to remove every problem of life. Let’s know the easy way to befriend an angel.

  • The simple act of befriending an angel is of three days and during this you have to remain absolutely pure. If you are married and adopting an easy practice of befriending an angel, then do not have a physical relationship with anyone for these three days. On the first day read the following amal 300 times-

अज्जमतो अलाइकम या अरहा शतिन अहर कातिन हर्मा कातिन यावसान अस युतुनी हया अहफान हाया ज़ूवयल

After this, on the second day, on Saturday, the same practice has to be recited 300 times. On the third and last day, you have to recite this act 500 times. After adopting three simple steps to befriend an angel, you will definitely see an angel. If you face any kind of problem in this whole scholarship then you can contact us.

Pari Ko Hasil Karne Ka Amal

In today’s time, you will find many such people who talk about telling the action of achieving the angel. But all those practices are completely fake and there is no benefit from them. Such people charge huge amount from you in the name of telling you the process of attaining the angel.

But all the actions mentioned by us are absolutely correct and safe. Despite this, before using the practice of getting the angel, you must consult us once or you can also contact any cleric about this. Only after the permission of the cleric, you should use the practice of getting the angel.

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