Ruthe Dost Ko Manane Ka Wazifa

Ruthe Dost Ko Manane Ka Wazifa
Ruthe Dost Ko Manane Ka Wazifa ,” Ager aap ka dost aap sey naraz hai kisi bhi baat per. App k bohet manney per aur mafi mangney per bhi razi nahi ho raha hai. Aur aap us sey bohet mohabbat kertey han. Lakin wo koi baat sunney ko taiyar hi nahi hai. Tu pareyshan na hon aur ye wazifa karen. In shaa Allah keysey hi narazgi ho 7 din men narazgi khatm hogi aur mehbob doara ayega.

Ruthe Dost ko Manane ka Wazifa

Chand dikhney k baad pehli Jumeyrat ko jo Nochandi jumeyrat kehlati hai us per ye amal kerna hai.
Esha k baad sab kamon sey farigh ho ker jab soney lagen tu taza wazu karen.
Bistar Per late ker pehley 11 bar darood ibrahimi parhen.
Phir oper di gai ayet ko 101 bar parhen.
Phir 11 bar darood ibrahimi parhen.
porey amal k doran jis k liye amal ker rahey han us ka tasawor rakhen.
Ye amal 11 din karen, kaam na ho tu 21 din karen, gaap nahi ana chahiye. khawateen k gap bhi nahi ana chhaiye. werna pora amal dobara shoro kerna hoga.
In shaa Allah mehbob beyqara ho ker dora chala aye ga.


Ruthe Dost ko Manane ka Wazifa is for those people who are in trouble due to the their lover is angry on something. And after asking forgiveness abd trying so many other things to make them agree. They are still not listening  and angry with them. If you love some on by heart and he or she is angry you can imagine the pain you feel. But now they should not be worry, here is the wazifa of Ruthe Dost ko Manane ka Wazifa. If you perform this wazifa with full dedication and concentration your lover will again start loving you with in 7 days.
Start this wazifa on the first Thursday of Hijri/Lunar calendar month. This is also known as ‘Nauchandi’.

Ruthe Dost ko Manane ka Wazifa

This must be done before going to bed after finishing all your works.
Do ablution,
Go to your bed, which must be clean and pure.
Recite DArood Ibrahimi 11 times,
Recite with ‘complete Bismillah‘the following Verse #30 of Surah Yusuf 101 times.

ۖ قَدْ شَغَفَهَا حُبًّا

Qad shaghafaha hubban

Then again Darood Ibrahimi 11 times.
While doing this wazifa keep imagining the person for whom you are doing this wazifa.
Do this wazifa 11 days, or 21 days without any gap. For females gap is also not allowed no matter what is the problem. if there is a single day gap then all wazifa should be start again.

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