Rizq Me Barkat Ki Dua In Urdu

Rizq Me Barkat Ki Dua In Urdu

Rizq Me Barkat Ki Dua In Urdu ,” For barkat in rizk reading ”al-ghani”for 3125 times a day keeping a similar time and place will lead you to success and will have barkat in rizk coming from all four corners of the world,when you finish reading it blow it towards north,south,east,and west for quick results.

Barkat Ki Dua In English

God ”allah” is same for everyone and is god of all creation in this universe in spite of religion and races and he says when people call me and make dua i listen to them separately,by this comes in mind the isme azam means the greatest name for dua to god “al-sami’ ”al basir” the one who listens and is watching every one at single time and has got this ultimate power.so read these names of allah for 313 times or 1100 times after asar prayer and then make dua to allah and say””ooh allah oo god of all mankind who listens and grants to everone please help me and protect me as you are the listener and the watcher”.inshalla your dua will come true.

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