Qurani Dua To Become Rich

Qurani Dua To Become Rich

Qurani Dua To Become Rich ,” Each one needs to end up noticeably rich and utilize such a variety of ways regardless of they are correct or wrong, yet the individuals who utilize right way stay rich and in peace always and the individuals who picked wrong way they lose their cash soon Quranic Dua To Become Rich and furthermore moved toward becoming stuck in an unfortunate situation and their family likewise endure.

Day by day after Esha Salat

Recount Darood Ibrahimi 11 times

Recount “Ya musabbe bal asbab” 500 times

Recount Darood Ibrahimi 11 times.

Quranic Dua To Become Rich

Must recount it outside under the open sky with nothing on your head. No top no scarf no Hijab no tree no shade no rooftop, confronting towards Kaba and unshod.

In shaa Allah inside days you will end up plainly rich.


Her insan ameer honja chahta hai, aur is k liye wo sahi aur ghalat her terhan ka rasta isteymal kerta hai, lakin jo log sahi rasta chuntey han wo sakoon men rehtey han aur un ki doulat men khair o barkat hoti hai, aur jo log ghalat rasta chuntey han wo nuksan uthatey han aur sath un k gher waley bhi pareyshan rehtey han,

Rozana Esha ki namaz k baad,

11 bar Darood Ibrahimi parhen

500 bar “Ya musabbe bal asbab” parhen

11 bar Darood Ibrahimi parhen

ye aap ney gher sey baher ya gher ki talk per kerna hai, moun kaba ki tarf ho, paoun men chapal na ho, aur sir aur asman k beech kuch na ho, matlab na topi, na koi saya, na tree, na koi kapra.

In shaa Allah kuch hey commotion men aap ameer hojain gey.

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