Powerful Dua For Marriage To Getting Married Soon

Powerful Dua For Marriage To Getting Married Soon ,” if you want do dua for Your marriage or Dua for your daughter so here we are sharing most effective dua/Supplication/wazifa for marriage.

First of all, i want clear that the following Wazifa or Dua/Supplications Are Collected From Darul Ifta,  Darul Uloom Deoband and (aaj ka sabaq ) marriage dua to get married by Maulana Yunus Palanpuri Saheb and Bahasti jebar.

if you are worried about Whether given dua for marriage right or not then don’t worry about this. all given marriage dua is personally collected by me and one of them personally tried by my father for my sister which is written in Bahasti Jebar. and the result is amazing, trust me this is most powerful Islamic dua for marriage among all of this And Also one of marriage Duas from Quran(surah Qasas for marriage).

Beta Wazifa For Marriage Of Your Choice

This is best dua hajat for marriage and also one of Quran dua for marriage, yes you can also see this verse in surah Al-qasas, verse 24 And a powerful surah to get married. So if your looking for which surah to read for marriage then here is the answer.

Recite 111 times “rabbi inni lima anzalta ilayya min khairin faqeer”, for marriage and then recite 3 times Surah zuha, do this amal after fazar Namaz for 11 days per month, till 3 months. insha’Allahh you will get a marriage proposal soon. Just take care of one thing this amal only done by whose prayer is not missed during this amal. so this is the surah for marriage proposal, read it as given method.

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