Powerful Dua For Becoming Extremely Rich & Wealthy

Powerful Dua For Becoming Extremely Rich & Wealthy ,” Did you ever desire to become rich?. Well here’s the wazifa. Who so ever will do it will become prosperous. �


After Esha Salah read “Ya Musabbe bal Asbaab” 500 situations. Durood/Salawat 11 times before and following your wazifa.

But the condition is that you must read it outside with nothing on your own head. No cap, absolutely no scarf, no Hijab, absolutely no tree, no shade, absolutely no roof. This wazifa is accepted as ikseer for rizk. Within days you may become rich. InshaAllah.

Warning: Asking Allah for cash you don’t need is incredibly dangerous. You can loose your iman as additional money than you need can cause temptations. Instead of asking for more money you should employ the dua of our beloved Prophet (Sallallaho alayhe Wa Aalehi Wasaalam) which i wrote here. You will find it in all ebooks. Please use the Persia version for correct pronunciation.

“Allahumma Akfeni possibly be halaaleka un haraameka wa aghneni be fadleka amman sivak”

Examine Surah Tehreem everyday after. if your loan is as big as mountain it will be paid.

Please read Durood-e-Pak 11 situations before and after and do a dua each day. InshaAllah it will possibly be accepted.

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