Islamic Dua for Brain Injury and Brain Damage

Islamic Dua for Brain Injury and Brain Damage ,” This dua can create miracles for a brain injury or any kind of damage (inside or outside the skull).
Recite the dua (ayat e shifa) mentioned below. Blow on the head of person affected with brain injury. Do this consistently and with one hundred percent faith in Allah’s power over this problem and His unlimited mercy.


English transliteration of ayat  e shifa:

This Quranic Dua has been a miracle to cure brain injury and brain damage. The key to getting the desired result is full faith in Allah. And equally important is the question how much grateful you will be when Allah heals the brain injury? Imagine a situation where the brain injury of the persons has been healed by Allah, create the intense feeling of gratitude (shukr) towards Allah and let Him know that you are going to be grateful to Him for every single blessings and favor and you will stop being ungrateful for His blessings (healthy brain and good health is a great blessing too).

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