Taweez for Marriage in 1 Month

Taweez for Marriage in 1 Month ,” If you are searching a suitable proposal for marriage. But still unable to find. Especially girls face so many problems when they start searching a good or suitable person for marriage. Because now a days most of the people are no going on the islamic path. They always try to cheat. So if you have same problem  then do this  Wazifa for Marriage in 1 Month.

Taweez for Marriage in 1 Month

Make this taweez between 11 to 20 of the moon dates, write ayet 131 & 132 of Surah Taha on a blank paper  after Asr salat, fold it and make as taweez and wear it in neck or tie on right arm, then recite Ya Lateefu After Esha Salat 1100 times daily and pray,

Wazifa for all Works, Hajat, Wish


Ager aap rishta dhond rahey han aru koi bhi munasib rishta nahi mil raha hai, tu ye wazifa karen,

Taweez for Marriage in 1 Month

Chand ki 11 sey 20 tarikh k beech ye taweez banana hai, Asr ki namaz k baad ek sada kaghaz per Surah Taha ki ayet 131 & 132 likh ker taweez bana ker galey men pahen len ya sidhey bazu per bandh len, phir Esha ki namaz k baad 1100 bar Ya Lateefu prhen aur dua karen, daily,



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