Powerful Amulet For Headache Migraine

Wazifa for migraine cure
Powerful Amulet For Headache Migraine

Powerful Amulet For Headache Migraine ,” Headache Migraine is a pulsing pain on one side of the head, right or left. Symptoms of Headache Migraine vary person to person.  Some people with a migraine experience aura. The most common auras are visual, such as flickering lights, spots, or lines. Mood changes can be a sign of migraines.  Waking up tired or having trouble falling asleep are common problems in people with migraines. Some people with migraines have sinus symptoms, such as stuffy nose, clear nasal drainage, droopy eyelids, or tearing. Studies have shown an association between lack of restorative sleep and the frequency and intensity of migraines.

Nearly 30 million people in the United States have migraines, and three times as many women as men have them.

Powerful Amulet For Headache Migraine

If you have a bad headache or migraine pain. Do wadu and write this amulet on a blank paper and tie it on the head. in shaa Allah headache or Migraine will cure.

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Headache Migraine adhey sir k dard ko khetey han. Ye dard jhatkonmi sorat men hota hai. mukhtalif logon men mukhatil qisam ki alamat hoti hain. kuch k bohet zada dard hota hai k wo ek lafaz bhi nahi sunna chahtey. kuch ki nin kam hojati hai. Mood bohet zada change hojata hai. Jab so ker uthtey han tu bohet thakan aur kasalmandi hoti hai. Kuch logon ki naak behney lagti hai, ya ankhon sey pani aney lagta hai.

Powerful Amulet For Headache Migraine

Ager aap k bhi sir men dard hai ya adhey sir ka dard hai. Tu wazu ker k is naqsh ko likh ker sir per bandhen sirdard forn chala jaye ga.

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