Islamic Dua for Pain In Breast

Islamic Dua for Pain In Breast ,” A reader at the blog shared her experience of this dua for pain in breast. This is actually a general dua for shifa that can heal any pain and disease, but if you are having pain in breast and no medicine or treatment has been able to remove the pain, now is the right time to put your trust in Allah and let Him have mercy on you.

English Transliteration of Dua for pain in breasts: This is a plain and straightforward transliteration of this dua for anyone who doesn’t know how to read duas in Arabic language.

For those who don’t understand English, mainly from Pakistan and India, they can use this dua for cure like “seene ke dard ki dua, pastaan ka dard and Islamic ilaaj” People are not turning to spiritual healing after seeing massive side effects that come from using conventional medicine and modern treatment methods.


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